People Only Listen To Recycled Music

by Matilda

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    Matilda (sometimes spelled Mathilda) is a female name, of Teutonic derivation, derived from words meaning "might, strength" and "battle."

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During a lull of creativity I decided to recycle an album that was already finished. All of the songs are the same basic songs as the album "People Only Listen To Recorded Music" but there is change in every track.

I wanted to make the album feel more like the recording process. I wanted the banter. I wanted the drunk conversations about nothing. And after listening to the original album, there are certain parts that I picked out in the record that just seemed like they didn't fit, or flow well [this is what happens when you make something in 6 days that should take a few months].

The end product is more of what I wished for the record in the first place. Nothing was re-recorded, just little things put in or taken out. Effects dropped or added. It's all the same music, just recycled, remixed and redone.


released November 11, 2009

Shaun Wisniewski:
Wrote, played the instruments and recorded all the songs except "Do You Love Me" which is a cover. Then he re-mixed everything.

Ryan Ball:
Helped record, back-up sing, play trumpet, shakes things, etc.

Fred Robinson:
Helped record, played sax, kept Shaun company, talked a lot, etc.

Kalli Fortune:
Sang girl parts, helped with mental stability, was too kind, etc.

Dan Paterson:
Played acoustic drums on 'Untitled', made good jokes, drank a lot, etc.

And many others came to witness, etc.



all rights reserved


Matilda Detroit

Matilda is meant to be more of a documentation of life events rather than a marketable musical cash cow.

Matilda is the mostly solo, ever changing, ongoing musical project of Shaun Wisniewski.
Matilda songs are mostly folk-y and noisy, with a hint of grunge and metal. They also sometimes have flourishes of electronic beats, sound collage. For the most part the songs are poorly produced.

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Track Name: Dream Catchers and Well Drinks
Sing me
A sad song
Of a lost angel
With long legs.

And a bandaged heart
With a steady gaze.

Sing me a sad song
Shout the lyrics
To shake the rafters

Like a bitter cover
from "August and Everything After"

But when you sing
Sing it for me
For I'll toast your tears
With every drink.
Track Name: What the Sheet
Watching the ice melt
while the snow's on the ground.

But you're in my house...

With coffee grounds in your mouth
You'd like to complain only you don't know how.

Because you made the coffee...

So you make a face and put your cup down
of course it makes a sound.

You'll say that it's a haunting...

Oh, you.

Oh you, could throw a sheet over anything.
Only a matter of time before you
covered me.
Oh you, wouldn't even have the decency for me
to cut holes to see
or to breathe...

It's not Halloween.

Because you made the coffee.
Track Name: 2 Birds 1 Stone
You're still sleeping on my big bed
leaving your scent
on the exact same sheets
that we slept on in -
in our first apartment.

Now you're not mine, anymore
I don't yet have the heart
to let you sleep on the floor
in a house we moved in to
with a few of your friends.

So for me it's been weeks
under strangers sheets
and tonight I feel weak.

So for me it's been weeks
under strangers sheets
and when I feel weak
I reach for
the bottom shelf drinks
cuz they're cheap
and they'll put me to sleep...

And if I don't wake up anymore
Fuck the dual funeral
it just seems forced
promise you won't bury her next to me
I'm afraid we'll be in love when we sleep.

Because after years of being underneath
an earth quake could shake our caskets
and we might be touching
our corpses cuddling
while we eternally dream.

Don't let it be two birds under one stone.
Track Name: Black n' Yellow Shirt
The sun comes around
and hides behind clouds
it darkens your hair
good grief.
Some days are just so Charlie Brown.
Oh you,
You're blue.

Stare out the window
wait for the first snow.
Then it comes,
then it goes.

Warm up in a restaurant
Drink coffee
and you worry.
You hope that no one
will notice you.
Oh, you.
Don't worry...
No one will notice you.

Stare out the window
wait for the first snow.
Then it comes,
then it goes.
Track Name: The Mercury Cougar Song
Even if I could
cut out my heart
and jump it with
my cars battery
well I doubt that
it would start beating.

But what the hell
it's a start
grab a nurse
and a knife
shine the light
up on the table.

Pop my trunk
grab the cables:
this is surgery.

I'm only
for survival
since the arrival
of your letter
asking, "baby
are you feeling better?"

"I'm alright."

I've been alright
since I gave up the fight.
Track Name: Reading Chair / Cherry Red
Reading chair.
Cherry red.
Yellow gasoline lines.

comes easy
to me.

I would
love to go

for a
new disease.

As would
any other
young being.

I just want
to go to

I was born
in 1984.
Dumpster tumors
bit the floor.

Fly came through
all the cracks
in the back door.

I don't mind.

It's too risky
well I don't mind.
If you're piss drunk
well I don't mind.
If you kiss me
well I don't mind.
If we go home
well I don't mind.
If you fuck me
well I don't mind.
If you shower me
well I don't mind.
If you're bleeding
well I don't mind.
When you're all gone
well I don't mind.
If you miss me
well I don't mind.
Still too risky
well I don't mind.
Track Name: Puzzles On 4D
So onwards
and down-words
you can't be too sure
of the hints in your crosswords...

Maybe you shouldn't use a pen.

Then again it's a puzzle,
you have to take chances
because some hints
are meant to be hidden.

Wake up, it's morning.
I know this sounds boring
but I think we
should get some breakfast.
Later a movie
I know this ones gore-y
but trust me
they're just special effects.

"Can we talk tomorrow?"
She says, "I'm not sure,
let me see what time I work."

So I ask, "where were you last weekend?"
she says, "I had made plans to spend time with friends."

I say it is no surprise.

I know you lied!
I know you lied!
[on your back and spread your legs wide]
I know you lied!
[down for him and listened to the lines]
I know you lied!
[because it's not mine...the baby is not mine]
I know you lied!
[on your back and spread your legs wide]
I know you lied!
[down for him and listened to the lines]

So onwards, and down-words...
Track Name: Double A
I've been thinking
maybe it's time I start drinking
And sinking to the bottom
like an uprooted worm
tied to a stone.

And Mom, wouldn't you be proud
to see your baby
a bottom dweller?
Trash bags as white as snow
topped in the carmel sauce.
Going down,
giving up,
not a hope to be found.

Now I'm drinking.
Thinking of you
and I watch the phone.
I imagine a mystery
bathed in misery
inside of my own home.

Wouldn't you be proud
to see your baby
so poised and pathetic?
Too comfy of a chair
set inside of a frame between trees.
Feeling down
raise up a tab
wait for the sound.

Something tells me that this can not be the beginning.
Something tells me that this can not be the end.
Track Name: Radio Is Cold
Ever since you
went away
the rainy days
know my name.
Only the worms
come out to play
because the birds
forgot the words
to their
beautiful tune.

And the crowds arrange
in such a way
that leave no light
for sun or shade
nothing is left
that isn't gray
ever since I heard
those six little words:

I'm not in love with you.

The radio is cold
playing waltz after waltz
so I switch it off.

All my records are old
cracked and repeating
the same sad songs.
I don't dare sing along.
Track Name: Untitled
I should have stayed
to see your face
when your baby made its way
out of your body.
Because I would have
made it my business
to flush/force it down the drain.
I'd wash my hands cleans
I'd wash my hands of it.
Track Name: Surnames
W-S-K-I believe
my last name
originates from
people who looked
after cherry trees.

Fine and dandy
as that may be
can't follow steps
of great grand-daddies.
My thumbs not green
and the red heads I meet
don't know how to treat me.

It don't rain
every day
and the sun
sets in the west
how can I
that your love
was just a protest
all the care
in the world
could not help
for you to grow
though I tried to make it fair
all your fruit
was just a show.

Because winter
came twice in a row
and you, well you got cold
and that old sun
well it never rose
it just loomed
all down low
causing me
to loose sleep
and the deep
roots that I believed
in, disappeared.
They were never there!
They were never there!